Activities for Young Learners

Birthday line

Colour - coded grammar cards

Picture the story

I don't believe you

Guessing games

How I like to do homework

My learning diary

Partner exchange

Story role play

Story circle

Story whispers

The hungry crocodile

The longest sentence

Float or sink

Hot seating

Junk modelling

Alphabet race

Feely bag games

Weather Check


Agree or Disagree

Platicine Letters

Clap the Stress

Tongue Twisters

Get into groups!

Learn a Chant with Rods

Date Puzzle Activity

Describe and Draw

Classroom Shop

Follow the Route

Photo of Me

Three Things About Me

Gym Sequence

Color Dictation

Build a story

Discover the question

Respond to the word!

Mime the grammar

Jumping beans

Nonsense words

Party invitations

Revision tennis

Secret letter

Story party

That's not right

Feely bag games

Feely bag games

Fruit salad

How much is it in

Living world circuit

Grammar Detective

Grammar Mind Map

Things that help me learn

Helping at Home

Coppy and Classify

Word Sequences

Making Plans

Can I cross your river Mr crocodile

Musical Instructions

Odd one out

A Special Photo

Interview and Report

Find A Partner

Fashion Show

Listening Grid

Prize Holiday Course

Transport Survey

True or False

Listen and Respond

Guess and find out

Metal, Plastic, Glass or Wood

Object poems

Pass the secret!

Sort into sets

Story statues

The grid game

The last word

Five senses poems

I don't want to!

A visitor in town

Email a friend about a book

Sound Collage

Film of the Story

Vocabulary choice

Word Shapes

Find a friend who

Camping Weekend

Big, Brown Bears

Fox and rabbits

Flashcard Vocabulary Activities

Enchanted Forest

A Work of Art

Shared Writing

My Ideal Bedroom

Favorites Bar Chart

Machines at Home

Sentence Round


Mime What Happens

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