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Online Preparation Course
for TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test)

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The course is specifically designed to prepare teachers for the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), which is suitable for both new teachers and experienced educators. The primary objective of the course is to refresh, extend, and deepen their teaching knowledge while introducing them to important approaches and methodologies in education.

  • The course introduces participants to the test structure, the main current theories and approaches in education that are central to the TKT exam, enhancing their understanding of teaching and learning concepts.

  • The course consists of 36 hours and includes 6 days of teaching sessions focused on preparing participants for all the three modules. At the end of each module participants will write 30 min. practice test which gives them opportunities to do sample test tasks and become familiar with the format of TKT examinations.

  • In addition to test preparation, the course offers enriching experiences, such as trips and sightseeing. Participants will have the chance to explore the city of Tbilisi and visit historical places, and even tour to a wine factory.

  • Convenient Airport Transfers: To ensure a seamless experience, teachers will be provided with airport transfers, making their travel arrangements hassle-free.

  • During the TKT preparation course, accommodation will be conveniently located near the training centre.

Quick Facts

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Who is TKT Preparation Course for?

TKT is suitable for teachers of English in primary, secondary or adult teaching contexts and is intended for an international audience of non-first language or first language teachers of English. This preparation course and TKT itself can be taken by:


Why Attend the Course?


Selected trainer: Ani Demetrashvili


Ani Demetrashvili is a Head of the MA programme in British Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the British University in Georgia, Associate- Professor  at Teacher Training Educational Programme (60 ECTS). With a strong academic background and extensive experience as a language trainer, Ani has made significant contributions to various educational projects.


She graduated from Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, where she obtained her BA in English Philology, laying the foundation for her linguistic expertise. Ani then pursued her passion for educational administration and earned an MA degree from Ilia State University.


Ani's commitment to language instruction and pedagogy is evident through her experience as a trainer at TPDC (Teacher Professional Development Center), TLG (Teach and Learn with Georgia), and various projects with the Ministry of Education. These experiences have provided her with valuable opportunities to engage with teachers and educators, facilitating their professional growth and enhancing their teaching methodologies.


Furthermore, Ani has obtained a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) certificate, further attesting to her proficiency and expertise in language instruction.


Currently, as a dedicated doctoral student in Education Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education at the International Black Sea University, Ani continues to delve deeper into the field of education. Her research and studies aim to expand our understanding of educational practices and contribute to the overall improvement of teaching and learning methods.

How to apply

Step 1: Fill out the registration form: Click here

Step 2: A representative of English Book Education will contact you to confirm the registration

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